The Road Ahead

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Thank you all current and former players for your patience and support as we begin writing the next chapter for The Realm Online.

At this time we can start revealing some of the plans we have, in addition to information already captured here:

As you may have seen on the website, we are introducing the concept of two account types, Citizen and Noble Citizen. We want to make The Realm Online as accessible as possible for everyone, while also supporting development of the future. We felt a hybrid F2P model served this the best.

The spirit of this model is to encourage that all existing content that you have loved from the realm over the past 20 years is accessible to you on the new server at no charge. We are still aiming for a June 1st launch for that new server, and as we get closer to that date we will be able to share more information.

Secondly, with this new model we will be removing account limit restrictions given that subscriptions are per game account (not per web account) we felt that this is an effective enough gate on its own.


We aim to introduce a web-based microtransaction store to support development costs of the new client and server. This will not be pay to win, and will only include cosmetic items such as dyes and helmets. Again, as we get closer we will happily share more information with you!

Name Reservations

We know this is very near and dear to many players hearts for the new server. We are looking into this and will have more to announce in the near future.

Linking Existing NG Accounts

You can link your existing Norseman Games game accounts to your new web account via the Accounts page. We realize that many players won't have the login and password anymore. Unfortunately, we do not have all the personal information to verify ownership if you do not have your username and password handy. We are working on a strategy to make sure you can access your old characters and accounts, so stay tuned!

New Client and Server

Much of the development on the new client and server has been paused while we work on merging the content between servers. We are also considering moving to Unreal Engine 4 from Unity based on player and staff feedback. This should have no impact on the timelines we originally estimated: 12-16 months.

Breaking Some Eggs

As there is a lot of new content going on, there will inevitable be some rough patches. Just like any game launch, the first days and weeks can be turbulent and this one will be no different. So, please show some patience while we work out the kinks!

:heart: Feeling the love :heart:

Thank you to all of the players for your support and understanding. I can confidently say on behalf of the whole team that we are floored by the positive reception of what we are doing. This is very much a passion project for us first and foremost. You give us the motivation and energy to continue!

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