Welcome to the New Realm!

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Greetings Fellow Realmers!

It is with great pleasure that Norseman Games is officially able to announce its agreement with Rat Labs LLC, formerly known as Mistwalkers, granting them the exclusive license and rights to develop “The Realm Online”. Some questions you may have will be addressed below.

Who is Rat Labs?

Rat Labs, LLC was formed by existing Developers from the MistWalkers private server who wanted to legitimize their involvement with TRO development.

What does this mean to you, as a player?
  • If you are a player of an unlicensed “private server” your player data will not be available on the official platform. Keep in mind that contributing to or playing private servers is a violation of the TOS for access to the official servers.
  • The official servers and websites may be unavailable for short periods of time during this transition as we migrate server data from NG to RL.
  • During the transition period if you have particular questions or comments that you feel like you need to communicate to Rat Labs please send that information to sam@rat-labs.com and Sam will be happy to respond and address any concerns that you may have
What does this mean for the official development of The Realm Online?
  • Norseman Games has granted Rat Labs an exclusive license for the right to develop TRO
  • Much of the content from the MistWalkers private server that “worked” well will be ported into the official source code. Some examples: Hot Zones, Prestige Mode, Heroic Dungeons, Weapon / Armor Procs, Armor Sets, pieces of the crafting system excluding runic enhancements and salvaging.
  • The target release date for this new official server is June 1st, 2018.
  • The intent is to port the game to multiple platforms: HTML5, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Rat Labs will be developing an entirely new client and server
  • You can expect a modernization of graphics and user interfaces while maintaining the original look and feel of TRO.

We at Norseman Games have complete confidence in the Rat Lab team’s ability to develop, implement, and bring The Realm Online back to satisfactory. It is our greatest hope that this arrangement provides the community what they’ve so long desired. See you on the flip side!

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