Adv/Wiz End Bonus VS Warrior

Started by Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews

Has anyone ever realized: With Watcher Baldric, Mag Sig/Sold Bands, AND HoS or HoK… Wiz/Adv gets +6 END Total. But warrior only gets 4, with the exact same items?
Edit: I had a Gram equipped, and didn't realize I was getting end from that. :P There's no bug with it, in fact, you can get up to 7 end with helmet, 900 wep, rings, and Baldric.



Edit I check my ASGW. He gets 6 endurance with Skull Baldric of the Watcher, and two Soldier's Bands.


yup +7 end now with HoK or HoS

Adv buff overall since their MDM in stance benefit from the int on baldric