Clean weapons doing more damage than chanted

Started by Mitch


Ran across something interesting while messing around with a curse permed weapon (specifically Storm caller)… Testing on Dummies up from Kurz I noticed the SC was doing crazy damage compared to my 6x Gram (15k+ more per round) Upon further testing and talking with other players it was discovered that it wasn't the chants that bugged the weapon, but that clean (non chanted) 2 hand swords are doing more damage than chanted ones of the same type and even the 600 variety doing more damage than the chanted 900 equivalent. For example, a clean SC doing noticably more damage than a 6x Gram.

I'm sure this has been reported through other avenues as I talked about in within the game/channel… But I technically discovered it joking with GangLand that I would use the cursed chanted weapon he had. Also Fireball helped in testing various weapons to pinpoint what was and wasn't effected. He also discovered that it wasn't the enchantments, just clean vs enchanted (looks like SC,Gram,purge are better clean than chanted. Could effect lower/higher level varieties as well but axe,mace, club don't seem effected in 600/900s)


why someone do huge damage with SC perm with 4 curses, critical like crazy