Crafting and experience

Started by Bludaba


From what I understood in the video crafting will yield experience. I also understood that salvaging a familiar hat will yield 100 percent of the components it is required to craft a familiar hat… if so, would this essentially make a player be able to craft and salvage the same item over and over in order to level without without even needing to hunt?


I think it said that if you had the components the crafting would be 100%, but the salvage would have a RNG roll for each component.


No, if you salvage a familiar hat you have a 100% chance to get every component from the breakdown; familiar straps, padding, etc. If you beak down that single strap from the hat you get the raw material malachite or whatever they call it. You can’t break down any further. If you break down a pro hat you will get pro straps, padding, etc., if you break down a pro strap you get familiar components, then can salavage that again to the malachite.


Zangulas, that is how I understood it as well, 100 percent return of materials for familiar. I also understood that crafting gives a LOT more exp per craft (10x is what I recall) thus it is currently disabled so people dont use it. I just want to make sure the developers are aware of this being a possible issue… to just chain craft and deconstruct the same item for massive exp.


Ahh, I see what you’re saying although there will be a component that you will have to find in a dungeon for each combine. Getting exp for crafting does seem unnecessary and could be annoying for those who are multiboxing a group together. Most crafters are going to be 1000 I would assume anyways or close to it.


I was under the impression that the higher quality items needed components outside the straps and liners that you get from salvage, not the familiar. I would agree with you that catering would most likely be proactive by a level 1K toon, except if they can loophole exp the way I describe in my previous post.

Gimli (Staff)

You won't get very much experience crafting familiar stuff. Also you will need the reagents so you can't just salvage and re-craft again.


plus crafting uses stamina, so you wouldn't be able to level a lot per day without running out of stamina anyway.