Empty Caves

Started by Taroth


Went into Holy Caves today and everything was fine until the first boss room. There was nothing there. All the chests were open and there were no more enemies in the cave.
If you need more information please contact me.


the second run of a cave "sometimes" merges with the initial instance of the cave. In other words, sometimes you enter someone else's cave. This has happened to me twice. I attributed it to happening after patch - never got it confirmed, but that is my guess.


Went to regular Imp Haven and cave was closed when I tried to enter it said "you cannot open that, the cave entrance will open when the last person in its dungeon has left" the cave was fine before update and not this.

rdragon (Staff)

There was an issue where players would occasionally get dumped in someone else’s dungeon. That bug should be resolved with today’s update. Let us know if you still see it.

The issue with cave entrances occasionally getting sealed shut is still being investigated.