Error 128

Started by Tiberinus


So i am getting an error 128 after i click finvarras fortress. If I click despothes it doesnt give me that error. Says Error 128: Error #128 not found in file Error.dat C:\Development\realm\realm-fininterp\Script.cpp[379] script 60093, ip 0x3d. Only does this on one of my comps and cant see why the difference. It used to work fine.

Gimli (Staff)

Hey Folks,

Thanks to @Driftwood for helping us troubleshoot this on Discord.

In order to fix delete this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Rat Labs\The Realm Online\FF

Then re-run the launcher. This will effectively clear any saved corrupted files and re-download the FF client. If that does not fix the issue for you please let us know.