Fairy Queen HP is significantly lower post patch.

Started by Urathor


Wasn't sure if you guys were aware of this or not. It seems the last patch rolled back the summons hp scaling you had implemented a while ago.

Gimli (Staff)

Hey Urathor,

The scaling on some of the individual summons was inconsistent with other summon spells and was actually a long-running bug. This affected summon zombie, summon FQ.

These have been brought in line to be the same scaling factor as other summons. However, I'd like to revisit summon FQ the same way that summon undead and summon daemon was revisited.

The thought right now is to change the number of FQ's summoned based on level and SDM. For example, if you are level 500 with 189 sdm you may summon 3-4 FQ's instead of just 1!


Hey Gimli, Thanks for the reply! Its good to know that its not a bug, although kinda a bummer now that they die in like one hit from stuff. lol Maybe summoning 4 would help that. Thanks again. Keep up the good work! :)