Gather the Fellowship

Started by MECHBeast


Some characters in my group are unable to be gathered. In this instance, I entered a Heroic dungeon with 4 Noble accounts and the other 2 were going to waiting outside. Standard accounts cannot Enter the dungeon, but Noble accounts can and the whole group can teleport into The Salt Mine. Then, both types can enter the dungeon through the Salt Mine. Standards can not walk to the next dungeon room, that is to be expected. My 4 Nobles ran off and left the other 2 behind.

Now, it gets complicated. The Standards can gather all but 2 Nobles to the dungeon entrance. I had to run into town on one Noble and now that one cannot be gathered back into the dungeon neither by the Standard nor the Noble accounts. The other Noble who cannot be gathered CAN gather two of the Nobles, but not the one in town. So, 2 of my Nobles don't move when gathered by the Standards or other Nobles. One Standard teleport to town and can not be gathered back into the dungeon by neither the other Standard nor any of the Nobles inside. That is to be expected.

Now, my 1 Noble is in town, unable to be gathered in. I have disbanded both Standards and tried to gather. The 2 Nobles still do not budge. I disbanded each of the problematic Nobles one-at-a-time and separately, rejoined, but still are unable to be gathered. I regrouped the Standards and the 1 in town gathered. Every account was taken out of the dungeon. So, I lost the dungeon half-way through. The previously non-summoned Noble accounts can be summoned outside by both Standard and Noble.

Now, I want to be able to keep the group, have the 2 Standards wait while the 4 Nobles run the Heroic dungeon. But, it doesn't work if 2 can not be gathered even by the other Noble accounts. I know what some may reply, "Just disband the 2 Standards and run the dungeon." That's not the point. The point is that 1 of the Standards has scrolls of teleportation and is able to recall to different dungeons and summon everyone to that location. It is convenient and simple. Yes, there is a workaround for this as some would say, "Just teleport one Noble out and have the Standard regroup, recall, then gather." That adds extra steps. I know it seems nit-picky, but the main problem is gathering other Nobles already inside the Heroic especially if one teleports to town.