Heroic Crypt Keepers

Started by Grunk


Before the hotfix today, I had gone through Heroic USH a few times with no real deaths. When they used Mass Drain, it did a lot of damage, but was survivable. After the hotfix adjusting Theurgism and SDM scaling for Myst duration, Crypt Keepers are doing multiply times the damage they were before the hotfix.
An example combat message:
Crypt Keeper says 'Amven xux torak keptih!', pointing at Gnoth.
You just lost 1000 experience points.
[[10% Necro Resist]] Drugto loses 11637HP! Drugto dies. [[50% Necro Resist]] Gnoth loses 3056HP! Gnoth is hurt! [[15% Necro Resist]] Ryfon loses 5425HP! Ryfon dies. [[5% Necro Resist]] Ailuin loses 11010HP! Ailuin dies. [[15% Necro Resist]] Qildor loses 3383HP! Qildor is hurt badly! [[10% Necro Resist]] Ryul loses 4780HP! Ryul dies. Crypt Keeper gains 9822HP.


It's apparently not just CKs using Mass Drain:
Faery Queen says 'Eros akar noeb tygrikaeth!', pointing at Ryfon.
You just lost 1000 experience points.
[[10% Elem Resist]] Drugto loses 9643HP! Drugto dies. Faery Queen's spell lands a critical strike! [[0% Elem Resist]] Gnoth loses 12385HP! Gnoth dies. [[15% Elem Resist]] Ryfon loses 8346HP! Ryfon dies. [[5% Elem Resist]] Ailuin loses 7689HP! Ailuin dies. [[15% Elem Resist]] Qildor loses 8844HP! Qildor dies. Faery Queen's spell lands a critical strike! [[10% Elem Resist]] Ryul loses 15609HP! Ryul dies.


Can confirm I had the same problem in Tulors. Getting 1-2k stacks of poison from 1 poison bolt from a fury then it dealing 2-4k damage. Also being one shot by King Kilrog casts most of the time .