Hideous Fatal Error!

Started by descript


same here – yesterday for some odd reason, had quite a few fatal errors.



Played for two hours tonight. I got three of them so far. Here's Number 2 and Number 3. #4,

Please help.



Same here

Windows 10 (Just updated to 1809) machine
Installing the game had conflicts with apps like adobe cloud, discord and other games, had to reset to install.

Core i9-7900X CPU
64 GB ram (4x 16gb sticks)
Windows and game installed on 1TB Samsung 960 pro, m.2 drive.

At log in screen before typing in password:

Near a bunch of players outside the rat dungeon inn

I managed to get in one instanced dungeon before crashing started. It seems animations / actions etc causes it so more people on screen is more chance for crash.
No clue, in any case, it is uncontrollable therefore unplayable :(