Hold and Mass Hold

Started by SecondLake


I love the way the current mechanic works - but Im worried it may be a mistake. Currently, when i cast Mass Hold with my AIEW (~500) I am able to hold every creature for at least (if not more than) two rounds (100%) this was tested in GH and hSP. When I cast Hold (single) with the same AIEW on the snakes/kk/elementals in hSP or the wasps/hornets in GH I dont land the spell >50% of the time. In fact, I just stopped casting Hold because Mass Hold was far more effective. Prior to the most recent update, if I cast Mass Hold I would usually capture a majority but definitely not all of them and then they would usually shrug after a single round (one of the priorities of the patch was to eliminate the shrugging, I understand). Just wanted to throw that out as a possible bug.

Thank you.