How to get a Buggy Baldric

Started by Gimli


To recognize players reporting exploits and game-breaking bugs, we may choose to reward original reporters of a unique baldric.

Bug types that qualify:

  • Exploitable bugs that allow you to break the economy (e.g. duping, hacking)
  • Exploitable bugs that allow you to bypass game restrictions (e.g. bypass bind on equip restrictions, class restrictions, level restrictions, noble citizen restrictions)
  • (Sometimes) bugs that will cause the server to crash

Bugs that do not qualify:

  • Exploitable bugs that we already know about/already have been reported
  • Client side crashes
  • Cosmetic bugs: typos, UI only issues
  • Items working incorrectly
  • Monsters working incorrectly
  • Rooms breaking

Hopefully this helps build alignment in terms of when a bug report is worthy of a bug baldric.

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