Potion of Greater Invisibility Runs Out Fast

Started by Bogshroom


The potion of greater invis no longer lasts 10 minutes for me. For about 30 levels it worked fine but all of a sudden the potion runs out after 1-3 turns. I tried taking all my armor off to see if that was the cause, I tried using dispel and remove curse and nothing seems to fix it. I'm an elf wizard with 5 Theurg. Someone said using theurg may cancel the potion but for the 30 lvls I used the potion I could cast light dart and summon fairies with no issue. No message appears in the Room box when my potion wears off. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Ana Bolton

I encountered the same problem with invulnerability potions. You can search for my post further down. Seems they activated Theurgism, so the time a potion lasts is related to the number of points you have in Theurgism.


Last time I tested, my level 600 wiz with 6k health and 5 Theurgism skill drank a potion and it lasted about four combat rounds. Seems like it needs a buff. Might have been a shifting potion (not invis), but still.