Room tab is double posting weapon damage

Started by Shmaboo


My warrior is getting damage lines repeated on consecutive lines in the Room tab. It became obvious when I got the line "Viande hits Dracus Ralumon for 2542HP! Dracus Ralumon is hurt badly! Dracus Ralumon is scorched for 635HP! Dracus Ralumon is chilled for 635HP! Dracus Ralumon is zapped for 635HP! Dracus Ralumon is poisoned for 377HP! Dracus Ralumon gains 258 poison (606 total). Dracus Ralumon is hit with such force that they are stunned for 2 rounds!" and the exact same line right below it, with the same poison total. Gained 258 poison, but the total was still 606.

He's a level 3k ASGW using an Ohm with Stun 4. I've seen this happen in hUSH and in Avalon Dunes; I'll try other locations. It doesn't happen with every swing, but it happens pretty often.

rdragon (Staff)

Thanks, this is a known issue and was actually fixed over two weeks ago, but the server hasn't crashed in a while so the patch hasn't been applied. We'll get the fix rolled out soon.