*SCIW64.EXE* Combat speed slowed down to almost normal in The Dig (Other dungeons like tulors too)

Started by Xkape


While grinding through the dig with the x64 client, it seems that combat speed slows to almost normal. Does not happen with the 32 bit client. Always seems to happen at some point. Combat seems x5 speed at first. Walking through the dungeon stays at x5, doesn't slow till entering combat. Running 2 toons in a group. Both throwers, let me know if you need any more info.


After further review of the issue. It is no longer specific just to the dig. As soon as I log in, I get significant movement lag on the x64 client.

rdragon (Staff)


Do you think you could screen record the issue? Is this happening everywhere, or only on screens with many characters/monsters? What OS are you running, and are you running it in any kind of VM or over remote desktop?

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