(Solution) Logging In Bug - Verifying name and password... Stuck

Started by DragonTrueHeart



Copy paste password from the webpage.
Copy included a Tab.
The Tab character doesn't simply reject your password but instead gets stuck in the login process.

2/5/2019 3:47 PM EST I am getting stuck in the login process. I was able to play earlier today, but the game crashed and now it will not get past the Verifying name and password. Maybe my character is still logged in so I cannot get back on? Can I force my character out if this is the issue? Does anyone know what else might be the issue? There are a lot of players on at the moment so maybe free accounts are not allowed on if there are a lot of users on? Going to try to restart the computer to see if that has any effect.

3:53 PM
Restart did not change the outcome. Still unable to log in. The server is showing up.

Tried putting the wrong password in and instantly replies that it is the incorrect password, so the server does seem to be acknowledging me.

Tried changing compatibility settings; Windows XP service pack 3, Windows 8, Windows 10…

I was copying password with Ctrl + C and accidentally copying a Tab with the password. Having this Tab character would cause the log in an attempt to get stuck instead of simply rejecting the password.

If you copy paste the password, make sure it is just the password and no strange tab or space characters. Always clear your password by copying any text outside of the program so you do not post your password in-game by mistake.