[Temp Fix] Fatal Error upon login

Started by KruuuuZe
KruuuuZe (Staff)

If while attempting to login you experience an error similar to this:

First, close all instances of The Realm you have open.

Then navigate to:
%localappdata%/The Realm

— OR —


Next, delete all of the files located in this directory except login.lst
If login.lst is deleted your account login name(s) will have to be reentered when you start the game again.
Your account login name(s) can be found here if needed: https://realmserver.com/restricted/realm_accounts

There will be multiple .Settings files, a .cfg file, a login.lst file and a .dmp file.
After all of the .Settings, .cfg, and .dmp files are deleted, relaunch The Realm and attempt to login again.

If this does not solve the error, please go to the same directory and upload the .dmp file which is generated after an error/crash (It's a couple hundred MB) to a file sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Fill out a CS Ticket (https://realmserver.com/restricted/customer_support_ticket/new) including a description of the problem/error along with the shared link from a file sharing service for the uploaded .dmp file to be investigated further. Thanks!