You Cannot Enter this Room - Must have Noble Citizen subscription to enter zone error while running snake pit (Heroic)

Started by SOLPoseidon


Hello, I am in the middle of Snake Pit (Heroic) and I received the error in the title. I was stuck in a single room while in a group, could not go forward or backward. My account(s) are currently paid (just renewed) and this error happened on only one of my accounts. I tested with my other paid (Noble Citizen) account that was also renewed at the same time and that one worked perfectly. I have screenshots showing the error, showing my accounts currently paid, and also a shot of my group members trying to gather me, which also failed and showed the notification in Room Chat: "XIII can not summon S0LPoseidon because they do not have a Noble Citizen Subscription." The other members of my group are DLPoseidon and Darindel. Please let me know what to do further as I had to completely log off my character and log back in to continue the cave. I will send screenshots as requested.


When sub runs out, even if in a premium zone, you cannot change rooms. Only way to get it running is completely log out and back in even if re-subscribing while logged in.


As MECHBeast said, you will need to relog when the sub elapses for the game server to pick up the change.