a baldric that is rare that you can dye would be nice..

Started by kinux


somebody was on the channel 3 and said, " a baldric that you could dye would be nice." that is a good point. we like rare items in the game.. so that would be kind of cool if we could chant a baldric and dye it whatever color is available by dyes in the game. I am guessing the baldric would be kind of rare, but possible for people to obtain. Perhaps a little less rare than GBoNs.


There is one, it's the flower baldric. GBoN isn't really all that rare either, just takes either gold for keys, or farming keys to use in the gambler's den. I feel based on how many posts you have on here now that you haven't played very long lol. You may want to do a little research into the game and what items/content is available at the moment. You may answer a lot of these questions before having to ask them on here. =)