After Prestige

Started by Lelair


First I like the idea, but the execution in my opinion is not worth starting back at lvl 1. The very least you should get a build point and baldric at each 100 level stage. Give me a reason for wanting to play past level 1K. Original conception was to be able to access a new area but that changed to being noble citizen after that was changed there really isn't any reason to continue. It would not be hard to implement a build point and baldric on every 100 levels until you reach 1 k again.


I think the baldy every 100 lvls will help the townies and the skill point will help the die hards. For the baldrics, they could re-use colors and add a badge like they did for the anniversary baldric. Almost like earning stripes on a martial arts belt. Each prestige is a slightly different badge on the baldric.


At first was not a huge fan, but really you still have full power basically + spells so its not as hard to hit 1K again, can get 200-300 lvls in the first day. I agree getting 1 build point per 100 levels would be nice, but thats a lot of baldrics. Maybe a baldric every 500 levels and a "Prestige Bounty Chest" that every 200 levels that has a chance to have a dye, gold, mana, or a prestige skill book in it. That way, if you prestige to 3k on all your guys you may want to do even more for the prestige bounties.?


and the people that already put the time in to get all their toons to 3k are SoL?