Armor rating and shield usage needs a buff?

Started by Zaps


It seems like doing any moderately difficult fight requires shifting during combat. My wizard can easily solo groups of moderately tough monsters. However, my melee characters get destroyed by the same fights. I end up playing my melee characters as underpowered wizards because standing my ground without shifting would get me killed immediately. Melee works great for quickly beating down a single monster but I think they need some more tools for survival against groups of monsters.

  • Buff armor to absorb more melee damage. Maybe increase weight of armor so only high strength characters can wear it effectively. Maybe need to reduce the effect of encumbrance on melee attacks.
  • Buff shields to absorb a lot more melee damage. This would give melee some choice and make the warrior less one-dimensional. To avoid making shields too strong for ranged characters, amount of damage absorbed by the shield could be based on something like (Shield AR)*(strength - 15). If you've struck a monster with a melee attack then you could gain additional shield blocks and a much higher block chance vs that monster for the remainder of the combat round.
  • Heal spell, greater heal spell, and health potions should scale with endurance of the character being healed.


some areas are good for casters and some areas are good for hitters :) whats good for one doesnt mean its good for another. what can be done at level 300 for one group might require lvl 600 for another. the game is "static" your choices determine the difficulty.