Started by Steve


Is incredibly strong for PVP and PVE. due to whatever reason it seems to have an almost 100% uptime vs opponents with 15K + hp( so everyone) Is the bleed activation based per swing? per round? if it fails the first "swing roll" does it roll again ? cuz its impossible to pvp against it..1 round murders are never fun….. for PVE.. i am taking off 15% of faf and parm like its my job.. made the caves SUPER EASY! just saying its too strong for everyone and even my own toons will suffer from a nerf.


It was nerfed. Running Bleed 3 atm and it seems to be reasonably balanced in both PvE + PvP.


@Malevolent id agree, its very strong and very balanced right now. as a bleed user i like that i get it sometimes but i cannot plan my entire game-plan around it popping every round. bleed and stun are really balanced at the moment. lvl 4,5,6… we will see