Bleed & Throwing Daggers

Started by RayDunnJr


I would like to ask if it is possible to add throwing weapons to the weapon list for Bleed skills. I have memorized bleeds and thought it would work for any daggers and found out it doesn't. Please add it!


Agree with Khego. Bleed is what makes daggers different, wouldn't want them on other weapons. Each weapon should imo have its own unique feature to make them distinct and a reason someone would pick it vs another


Bleed doesn't belong on throwers imo, otherwise we'll just have everyone running full groups of dex throwers on 5sec timers as the most boring meta Realm has seen. While we're at it, I think Bleed should be taken off fists to give daggers a use case as the pure DPS choice. They are currently lackluster compared to the dmg output and life steal of fists.

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