Can we get a trade window please.

Started by Chib


I think the trading system needs to be updated. There are a few toxic awful people in an otherwise close knit community that take advantage of this outdated system. I've seen new players be ripped off and veterans. A trade window would allieviate the damaging system that currently exists. It rewards people for being dishonest.


There is something scary/exciting about having no trade system that sometimes forces people to build trust with others, which can be a good thing. However, I agree that having a simple trade system would be better than having none. Some players might quit the game after being scammed. A trade system could be a good opportunity to introduce a gold sink and a role play element, too.
Role-play: The trade window could be an NPC trade broker.
Gold sink: The broker charges each player 25,000 gold for his broker services (or some other amount). This would be interesting because players would need to weigh the risk of trust trading vs paying an NPC broker.


The Broker idea is good but it a flat rate is not a gold sink by any means. It would have to be percentage based on the selling price. This could be added as optional as the current handing system would have to stay in place to move items between characters. Although, that's probably a TON of coding work for a system that most would probably by pass in the favor of the current system. If in fact the /give system could be removed this would be a highly effective gold sink just in the transfer of items between players accounts. I imagine the coding involved to make a broker system, remove the give system and find a way to stop dropping an item as a way to transfer from account….it just seems like an insane amount of work to accomplish something somewhat substantial. It could be something great, but it's a MASSIVE undertaking for the devs. Pro v Con decision on their part.