Can we let Elves have facial hair?

Started by TheRealmBeckonsMe


Title pretty much speaks for itself,i personally would like the option to have elves with some variations of facial hair.


No, elves don’t have facial hair in any game if they follow the lore. But maybe they’ll make half elves with the new platform.


The Realm's elves are classic irish/'tuatha-de-danann'-patterned creatures, yes?

Grumpy (Staff)

I'd like to keep our elves facial hair free. Every elf I've met has the worst time trying to grow a beard.


Mainly the reason i had suggested this to begin with is related to not being able to enjoy the pretty dyes quite as much as a bearded fellow. But it's not keeping me up at night so w/e mostly.


I agree with the OP, for me it's mostly about the dyes as well. Just my two cents.