Challenger Review: Level 10 ASGW/AIEW

Started by JudgeMentark


I don't know how much of the server is intended to be balanced at the moment, but I got hooked on the nostalgia and plowed through to level 10 dual screening.

The starting gear and gold seem fairly balanced. Warrior was able to learn a level one Weapon, Acro, Crit and buy one weapon. Wizard was confusing… When I bought my first thau spells for heal, I bought light dart of course. But then I noticed later on it wasn't available from any store. That made me wonder if I was missing anything and scoured for magic shops….. I didn't miss anything but no body sold light dart. Weird.

Anyways the wizard was able to learn a couple spells and meditation, and focus. The skill window doesn't show the correct tooltip for the mouse position so I figured out what does what the hard way. If I hadn't had an ASGW to pair with, I feel like running a solo wizard would be impossible. Not enough damage, and the rats hit pretty dang hard.

I slaughtered monsters in a classic counter-clockwise march around Leinster. The area and mobs progressed pretty well. As soon as we went to north haven wood (lvl 5ish?) my warrior immediately needed the wizard's help. Surprisingly the wizard's lesser heal came through in a big way.

Now, I tried I grind pixies and faeries to change my alignment. But it seems no mater how many I kill, I remain beatific. I don't think the alignment system is working, so I can't learn elementalism or Dark magic. I'm going to keep trying, it may be that I don't pay enough attention.

Drop rate seems ok. I imagine it would scale drastically if more people played. In 10 levels I found 3 uncommon iron weapons, 2 rare uncommon armor pieces, 1 uncommon cloth armor piece, 1 amulet, and 2 rare weapons.

Now, the experience at 300-400 exp per battle isn't really so bad. The goal is 100, so it's supposed to be slow. I steamroll undead in south havenwood but my warrior can't withstand the daemon rat attacks at all. And my wizzie isn't a lot of help besides being a heal machine because …. well because I can't seem to change alignment :( Common spells gave me no issues learning or using.

Running 2 accounts means funding two toons at the same time and extra time spent grinding just for shopfood. This was rather fun tbh. But now I can't really progress anywhere else. I wandered over to Kurz and shopped. Nothing there for me but it was fun. So I hiked back. Alone, but not lost.

Lastly: I think this is already known, but handing items to players doesn't work. I have to drop it and pick it up on another charachter, risking invisible townies stealing my stuff!

Grimnosh (Staff)

Thanks for the feedback! If you continue to play and have more, please post them here:

A few notes:
*You do not change alignment on Challenger Test. Your starting alignment dictates which spell circle you have access to. The intent it to drive choice and specialization.
*Yes, not handing things is a known bug.