Chance to flee combat

Started by Zaps


The chance to flee combat (5%) seems excessively punishing given that it takes an entire combat round when you're already getting your butt kicked. I suggest raising the base chance to flee to at least 10% and raising it further to 20% if there are no enemies within 5 combat squares of your character. Thoughts?


I don't understand. I'm pretty sure flee chance starts at 70% and is reduced subsequently each round of unsuccessful flee. Sounds like you are hunting in an area that is above your pay grade.

Michael M

5% is where it starts if you initiate combat, either by attacking or cursing. At least that's how it was when this was first implemented. Back in the old days, you could curse to your heart's intent, and in Fufu's Abode, for example, pre-combat was just a cascade of everyone cursing every enemy with everything but acid curse. The flee chance from getting jumped was cut to 5% in this case so that you couldn't just do the same by fleeing every time you get jumped. If that's not still the case, I agree that it should probably be reverted.