Client Update Suggestion - Please Fix the Crashing if resolution changes!

Started by Emu


Granted, I know this will be more of a "me" issue, but I have been battling this with the realm now for 2+ years. Its the reason I don't play it.

For some reason (and I have spent hours doing all kinds of random registry "fixes"), my Windows 10 changes the resolution for a moment anytime my screens go to sleep. I believe its a default resolution issue with Windows, which seems to be well known of via various forums.

Anyways, nothing is more annoying than playing, stepping away from my computer, and then coming back to see that the game crashes simply because my resolution changes for a fraction of a second. Due to this reason, I have stopped logging in now for a year and change.

And no, me disabling the "sleep" function on my computer is not the solution here. No other application I run crashes when my screen resolution changes. I do believe a fresh windows install should fix this issue, but I don't intend to do that until I roll over to Windows 11.

Thanks for your time!

rdragon (Staff)

Hi Emu,

Thanks for reporting this. A fix for this issue was included in a game client patch today. If you re-run the launcher and update your client, the game should no longer close if your resolution changes.


I had no idea that this could have been fixed so easily, or else I would have brought this attention quite some time ago!

I really appreciate the quick help here! Thank you! :D


Also, this totally fixed this! Amazing! Thank you again :)