Could we get some hotkeys

Started by MECHRazor


Some simple hotkeys that would make the game a little more smoother. Such as

Ctrl + E to exit battle
Ctrl + 1,2,3 etc that would cast the spells in your customized spells page so if you had Heal Mass as the first spell Ctrl + 1 would cast it. No need to hit cast spell then click the spell in or out of combat.
Ctrl + A brings up a sword icon that can be used as attack in combat or to start a fight out of combat
Ctrl + C brings up a sword icon to charge in combat

I think you get the general idea no need to list them all.

I am not saying we should get rid of the combat window or anything just give us the option to use the window or use hotkeys. Adding some hot keys would save us a lot of clicks in and out of combat and let us use our other hand for something more than drinking coffee while playing. :)


+1 for visibility. I’d also like to see something like this get implemented.