Crafting - your thoughts

Started by Shmaboo


I just watched the twitch stream on crafting. It looks like a LOT of thought has gone into this. However, I can swear on my Eighth Coldain Prayer Shawl (if I can find it where I packed my EQ stuff) that I won't be crafting in the Realm, due to the cost involved. Really, I doubt that more than 5 or 6 people have the gold and items it'll cost in order to make Master gear.

I want to hear from others. Are you excited? Do you think you'll be crafting? Are you already singing "I've Got a Pocket Full of Mabonite?"


In order to craft a master helm, looks like you need to salvage about 6 expert helms (Any expert helms) plus find the reagent. Current market price for any 6 expert helms is somewhere around ~4-7M gold. That price most likely rises as people fight for the materials (Or it's countered by increased drop rates). Even so, finding any 6 hats or grinding that much gold isn't that daunting of a task for "end game" gear.

It might actually be too cheap/easy. Currently there's nothing in PvE that isn't a cake walk if you're even close to fully geared. Master gear will just make it that much easier and definitely is not required to complete any current content.

Expanded over a full set of gear, sure, now it becomes a bit of a task. But without things that are hard to do/get, what is there left to do?


Agree with all of Khego's points.

But, I thought Grand-Master was end game gear.

Could you imagine trying to fully gear 6 toons if not more?


I guess the thing is you don’t need this master gear.. sure it’ll be nice to have and people will want it but it’s not required, I run 4 toons of which 2 are still at least half wearing myth and nothing is difficult in the game even with under geared toons.
It’s a time sink being added so rather than just run zones to get the gear now you run zones to get multiples of what you already have to make something better…would have been nicer to see some harder zones that drop the master gear or even that drop the regeants… rather than just making us continue farming the same ole thing even more…


Some things need to be "hard to get" otherwise there won't be anything to work towards within a month. I'd much rather have a system where you can see progress by steadily gaining materials instead of being at the mercy of pure RNG and hoping a monster will eventually drop your item with it's extremely low 1 in a million chance.


who cares how hard it is to gear six toons. balance the game for single accounts please.


I think the new gear will help make the single toon more capable solo.
. It does not significantly improve the odds for a 6 person team as that is already overkill for most dungeons even without the new gear.


For those worried about gearing 6, just focus on 1 or 2 chars and give the rest mediocre gear. Over time, you can toss stuff to the others but I think having 1 or 2 chars as your main focus will keep it stress-free.


Have a question - are the armorsmithing hammers and salvage tools going to drop in the wild like the current crafting tools? or purchase only?