drop tables in new iterations

Started by Dracblue


So i have been pretty grindy on the new server and i think that the enchanted materials rate vs the normal is a little off. i think that it should be lowered for normal of that type example (mithril enchanted should be lowered by 1% obs chanted should be increased by .5% and adm chanted should be increased by .1% as per days of grinding the numbers are just too low for any sort of thing above mithril but the mithril enchanted is just too high. i have had entire rooms full of blue and green items most not enchanted at all it does have bonus hp/mp but its very deceptive and i think that they mayhap should be still colored white its just too much dropping of blue for obs … 1 day i had an entire room filled with blue + from just gathering obs and chanted gear (less than 3 hours grind time) could have been even more if teleport was an option. however i do think that the money lowering amount should be lowered again by at least 5 % i am able to gather 20 - 40k from a low lvl dungeon in a couple hours to play wildly in the upper dungeons for high risk reward scenarios. if you lower that amount again i would be less inclined to try these things.

from Buttercuppz :) have a nice day :)


sorry i didnt see the where to post this until later ill repost it there XD