EA Test Bed Feedback

Started by DragnDave


So far so good. Test bed seems good. I'll start with the pros.

Pro: Mana as a resource feels awesome with a few tweaks needed. The passive cleave, I'm assuming that's what I'm seeing on my hitter, feels great as a hitter. Definitely part and parcel of what they've needed for so long. Items dropping with "diablo" type changes feels good. I do enjoy the slight upgrades found here and there. I think it's headed in the right direction.

Con: Identify is cost prohibitive. It's an out of combat spell hardly used and 15 mana made more sense when it was crystals but as a resource trying to id my wands and orbs and baubles and other items it's very time consuming and I'd rather just blow through and use gold which makes no sense as a wiz. IMO it should just be reduced to 1-2 mana tops. GiD is the banger and makes sense to be more mana.
Master and Grand Master spells not being in shops is punishing to wizards. Maybe a small selection of those spells makes sense, but wizards have already been nerfed by mana as a resource, so preventing them access to spells due to RNG feels bad. Maybe put them back into the Lab and increase prices? Not sure what the balance is there but it feels really bad as a wiz to not have access to buy what I need when I have access to those circle levels while my warrior can get all his skill books at the shop.


Take Throwers skill level 1 away from Warriors, give them theurg 1. Then give Wizards throwers 1 and take away Acrobatics or short sword. We can try to force the short sword meta all we want but SS on a caster feels terrible and nothing has changed that.