Enemy agro sucks now.

Started by Lavendor


In the original game enemies would typically agro on the nearest target, making it so wizards using summons wouldnt die instantly.. Now they just ignore everything and come straight for you. It sucks ass and is no fun. I uninstalled the game.


What a bizzare gripe.. I didn't think anyone had trouble with PvE content these days, but yet here we are.


If you use the Shadow Warrior summon, it will cast "Enrage" on enemy NPCs - or Nymph will cast heal which will soak up most threat.


What does "Enrage" do? I don't see the spell in the wiki.

It's a "taunt" for threat plus attacks.


taunt takes agro off a weaker toon and put it on the toon that cast the spell. like in world of warcraft. the tank casts taunt to take all the enemy NPCs hits.