Enrage spell should not be exclusive to warriors

Started by Zaps


If an adventurer wants to tank, why not let them? If a wizard wants to deliberately pull threat on a monster because of some clever strategy, why not let them? I don't see any advantage of restricting the enrage spell exclusively to the warrior class.


I disagree. Adventurers already have many things exclusive to them. The warrior has nothing besides the under-powered enrage spell. There should be some reason to choose warrior as a class.


Sure would be neat if these things were gated by stats rather than class.


I agree with you Khego, as that's how it's always been on The Realm. However since they decided to go that route with things like Mage Hat, Mind Rot, Adventurer's Might, Thief's Haste, etc, etc, plus the whole prestige system… it seems like thats the direction they want to go.

I would be more in favor of removing all class restrictions like you said, and let stats be the be-all-end-all like they used to be. IMO it leads to more build diversity.