F12 Changes (not a rant or complete complain) ***both of have been addressed and I'm satisfied***

Started by Onaven


Obviously the speed change is a huge impact, luckily you guys were awesome enough to keep the combat fast. That would have been a complete deal breaker. It seems a lot of people are really upset, and not surprised by this. I would like to add the suggestion of increased movement after combat when looting. There is no reason the speed shouldn't be the same as combat. I think this would also help ease the new transition.

If I had one other critique to add it would be maybe increase the speed by 1 or 2. Movement is extremely slow and there is still a way to skip some of the full movement animation. I think the QOL of taking the full speed movement is detrimental to Realm and RL. RL has been awesome and it sucks to see so many people mad and upset not wanting to play.


I was one of the original players on realm. I was sad to see it go. I'm saddened again by what is happening now.


Agreed. Please listen to the constructive criticism that you asked for. For the sake of the Realm.