Game Lack of several Features. Plus ideas of upcoming new features and content

Started by JuzamDjinn


I will tell here and now how i think this game have been designed with the new team and future updated until now today 13 may 2020. I wish to say the game it self if great there much caves and many over world bosses to kill that is random spawns in their respective areas. there is 3 sets if armor tiers and so is the weapons. this is all good but the negative is that there is not 1 word about making a world map to be toggled but either icon or a hot key to see where you are precisley located. There is no Icons to click spells which i would sugest tobe added to the game instead of click a spell name then click cast which is silly if you click the spell it should be cast right away not making 2 clicks. There could also be a Drop rate list and a very accurate one that is trustworthy to show what precise can drop from either the whole cave or specific boss in cave. Now i wish to make a AUggestion for upcomming features. Add new whole LVL limit up to for example 5000 and get rid of the whole crap way with todays presige to level form lvl 1 to 1000 and you gain presicley nothing out of it just pure waste of time to play low to high lvl once again and you get 30 build points with todays mechanism plus you get to lvl your skills 1 step higher then its ordianry on the prestige you had earlier. Make the levels also feel like they give something more HP more damage and more healing so its the whole purpose to get lvls. Make new weapon sets such as after Master set at lvl 750 there could be in my idea to make Grand Master at lvl 1200 and Elite master at lvl 1500 for example which could give instead of 5 % more then EXP as master set is giving today of damage or SMD added it could give 10 - 20 % more and also have higher features such as the mobs in Tunnels of death has if you get hit on the hat for example you could fire of a poison barrage towards on the enemies or cast mass berserk or either any cool offensive spell or damage or either healing ability. Make much more dungeons / caves that is much deeper bigger then ever, Make caves / dungeons to be like Holy caves X 10 in size and big time rewarding and if upcomming weapons sets all player will ask for tougher challenge such as Elite mobs and big time bosses with 4 - 6 X times todays HP to give it a real challenge. This is some of my ideas which i hope could be aded to the game if it should increase in numbers also have much higher percentage of real dedicated players in PVE based area. !!!!!


Yeah that was incredibly difficult to read and understand.

Gimli (Staff)

Hey there.

Thanks for sharing this feedback. Certainly a lot of ideas and I can sense your passion here.

I would find it very helpful if the content was formatted in a concise list :)


Holy cow what a garbled mess.

Just want to say that I disagree with a lot of this guys ideas.. I think the devs have done a great job.

Also, JD you don't need to click the spell and then click cast - just right click the spell.