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Started by BenSabler


Hi, I just wanted to throw it out there that I have been farming Imp City for the last week or so for the Mirage Claymore, and during that time I would experience a moderate volume of loot, whether it be skillbooks, musical instruments, scrolls etc. However, after the patch, I have noticed a steep decline in rate at which loot is dropping. In fact, in my last 2 Imp City runs dropped nothing but a red rose and an alchemy tool from regular trash imps alone (I got lucky and got a spiked warmace in a chest, though!). I was hoping to have some sort of resolution to this problem, because it is starting to make me wonder how I will make ends meet for repairs, recharges, buying scrolls, skillbooks etc without just barely scraping by. Thank you for reading and have a good day.

Mike Farwell

First of all, this post is probably going to sound very negative, which really isn't my intention. I understand needing to balance the economy and ensure that inflation doesn't get out of control again, but the scale of the reduction in loot rates seems a bit extreme to me. Maybe I'm just missing something, but based on what I saw yesterday (below) it appears to be something like a 90% reduction in the value of the drops I'm seeing. At least yesterday, this had the net result of the cost of hunting exceeding the value of the drops received. If it had been a 75% reduction, I could have at least covered the costs of my mana burn and repairs.

Pre-patch, typically Tulor's, HC, and USH consistently filled my inventory (AIEW w/ BoC, so not huge) 2-4 times per hour and casting Etherealize typically got me 50-150k each time, giving an average of something like 300k/hour. I didn't specifically track it, but my mana consumption and repairs costs were probably around 25-50k/hour, depending on the exact location I was hunting, so I probably netted about 250-275k/hour or so.

Yesterday, after 5 hours of running these same dungeons I only filled my inventory 4 times. Over 50% of the battles (probably more than 75% of individual mobs) I fought dropped nothing at all, even when I killed 6-8 mobs grouped together, they often didn't drop anything and only once dropped a total of more than 4 items.

The only reason my carry capacity even filled that fast was because most of the weight was taken up by iron or steel armor/weapons. Normally, I skip those to leave room for better loot but after an hour or so, I began collecting those as well because the drop rates were so abysmal. Each Etherealize yesterday only got me 20-45k for a total of around 130k over 5 hours or about 26k/hour. My mana burn and repair costs were similar to before, so I spent roughly 190k to earn about 130k meaning that I lost around 12k per hour of hunting. Financially, I would have actually been further ahead by not hunting at all yesterday.

Gimli (Staff)

Will look into this, thanks for the report!

Gimli (Staff)

This should be fixed now

Mike Farwell

Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it!

Mike Farwell

And I can confirm the drop rates I saw yesterday and today were the same, or at least similar to what I was previously seeing. Thanks again!