Item Suggestion

Started by Khego


So I'm playing a longsworder and before he's high enough level for a shield, I says to myself, wow, he looks kinda cool without a shield.

Then I says to myself, what about a shield that's "invis" (doesn't show) that gave something like +phasing and/or +armor pierce. Something as an alternative to a "real shield" to give a different look and maybe provide a different set of stats.

Thank you for your time.


Sounds kinda fun. Could be done in a similar manner as the robe rings. Also would be cool to see a shield that's semi-transparent, like when you see an invis char when you have see invis on. Perhaps they could be "shadow" items?

To add onto that, would be cool to see non-shield graphic items in the shield slot. What I mean by that is perhaps an orb for wizzies to hold instead of a shield that doesn't block but adds some other stat (like SDM?). That would take quite a bit of development though.