level 2k

Started by kinux


back in the day you could level your character to level 2000 and the elves were awesome.
at level 2000 they have more health than the normal 1000.. and with these new heroics.. its hard on an elf.
can we please implement something like a level 3000 cap, but actually be able to get level 3000 with healthpoints and all?


the point of the post is that we should be able to get at least level 2k with hitpoints and other parts in the game.. at level 1k my elf has a decent amount of health.. but with twice as much and a level 2000 or 3000 status would be nice. It would make the elf look stronger with about 30k health, like a giant might normally be seen with. "about 30k, give or take a few thousand."
that shows the player has played the game for awhile.. and should not be so easy to kill.
so.. at least level 2000 with health for something like a would be about 26k health base as a wizard, nice. Level 3000 with a wizard at could be something like 39k health base. nice.


You can get level 2/3k with prestige. No you don't get extra stats like healthpoints and such. But you do get to learn more powerful spells and increase the potency of your current spells. Which in my opinion is enough. If my AIEW had 30k hp he would literally never die. Hell he barely dies now with 10k. I don't see more hp for level 2/3k ever being a thing. Would make us way to powerful for just about any content in the game lol.


I agree with the OP except I think we should be allowed to level to at least 5k. With the changes to 900s and prestiges making damage totally overpowered, we really need more HPS to be able to withstand the hits for more than 2 swings. HP pools should be at least 150,000 or up to 300,000 for an all endurance toon.