loot table information gathered over 1 week / found bugs gathered information by buttercuppz and Leviathon

Started by Dracblue


(a loot table / bug found. to help the GMS with loot table and glitch from interface)


(from 9 / 16 / 2019 - 9 / 23 / 2019)

naktos - wind walker boots, warlord boots pro, etherialize 7

warriors abode pro warlords bands 1 run

targoths tomb - familiar warlord vest - 2 runs

fuloran - fulorans eye 2 runs

H fuluran - 2 run

foundry - blacksmith boots - 1 run

Heroic snake pit - prof tham shoes , 1 run

tulors - prof tham shirt, pro Necro pants, Fin backpack, pro windwalker pants,pro tham pants, pro warlord vest,
Blessed warhammer, windwalker shirt pro , pro tham cowl, pro elemental shirt. tulorite, pro windwalker pants
pro warlord pants. proficent ww cowl, snakes bounty, summon doppleganger, mass fumble ( 30 duplicates)

tulor error??? imp king bounty 149 runs

H tulors - prof thamiturgy shirt,pro warlords bands, thieves blade,Expert warlord vest (1 duplicate) -runs 8
possible glitch drop ( Holy bounty)

barracks - fin belt, prof necro cowl, prof warlord leggings, thiefs blade - 34 runs

Hbarracks Expert windwalker bands,Expert Warlord bands, Elphamines justice, belt of finvarra, proficent necromancer shirt,
pro warlord vest
(duplicate 1) - 6 run

Deamon home - Exicutioners axe, finvarra fist, pro tham shoes, prof windwalker pants, - 13 runs

dragon pit - Helm of khan, fianna helm, Exicutioners axe,EXP warlord vest, exp ww pants, Bleed attack - rank 2,
spellbook - sandstorm
adventurers might trinket, - 6 runs

Heroic undead stronghold - 1 run

Anvil - 1 run

Greater hive - bone crusher, wasp bounty, (1 extra) - 1 run (possible glitch walls missing entering second floor of greater hive
torches floating in mid nowhere)

Holy caves, assasin choker, duaches vengance, soldgers broach, - 2 run

whites and greens were removed from the list

suggestions for gear (plate of invuln) plate of density these items are dropping literally to an insane amount they should probably
be lowered in tables or improved and lowered as most are just vendoring these rarer items that are above adm
possible improvements (+ to mdm 5-10 %+ to dodge ) dragonscale plate ( +1 to att) making these items blues and thus
increasing the drop table for them keeping the items for lower player 1- 50 your choice but as is now it seems
these items are garbage comparitively to the familiar items that are dropping less but have much better stats on them.

found bugs
1.) the more you cast spells the darker your Ui buttons become untill you can no longer read them and evenutally
it seems to cause your ui to crash after a certain amount of spells / transions occour
2.) glitch in Heroic barracs (not all the time) shift will just lose charges and not teleport you in combat
3.) at times when placing items in a bag the item itself will register inside of said bag but even after logout the item will not appear in text
for the item inside of bag example this container holds 25% full (nothing shows in bag)loggging onto a nother charichter in another house
will then show the items in the bag.


Keep the items like dragon scale plate and plate of insulation for shop food because if you have "Etheralerlize" you make more money from cave drops.