May 30th patch...

Started by Kryptic


Ok… Where do I even start with this one… 3 months spent developing a patch/update to the game and from my experience upon testing many of the new "features", these are my findings.

  1. Basically everything in the patch notes are a lie, I see no real damage "Increases" based off my MDM, Adv combat stance is still a joke and not noticeable, and for some reason, monsters are doing an absorbent amount of damage which they never used to do. If this is the kind of progress to be expected made in 3 months time, just don't bother updating the game please… Save yourself some time and save me from having to break down the math of the game and figure out your mistakes… As someone who does testing and QA for a living, this is purely unacceptable.


i'll just add that the boss tab is still up. it shows only when something is killed but still. sick of seeing that thing flashing all the time. it had controlled my life up until today, just trying to fight a handful of people for the higher tier reagents. thought it was going away, at least for a while. people can still kind of figure what will spawn and which ones are up just by /bosses. what's the point of any of it then? just get rid of it please. or just put reagents on the silver shop and let people have boss tabs and camp until their eyes bleed, i don't care. just would like to be able to make master armors without having to stay up 24 hours a day hoping 6 people go to sleep so i can kill an emmissary and then MAYBE get a chance at a reagent from it(rare as that drop is). maybe put them on the silver shop. up the silver cap to 60k and make that the price of a cael hide, etc.


I just want to counter the above posters by thanking the dev team for their hard work. I think the World Boss changes are an improvement. Now slower boss hunters have a bit of a chance at grabbing some of the bosses if they are dedicated to seek them out.

I have not noticed mobs hitting harder despite what the OP says.

The one thing I do miss this patch is the text line in combat that tells you how much damage your character did in total that turn - I'm not sure why it was removed and I would like to see this return in some way.

Thanks for your hard work.


@ walter, You can literally find all the regs in dungeons as well…


@ POOR i get it. i've heard it so much. i've even found a couple in caves myself. but please don't try to pretend that the odds of finding in caves are anywhere close to finding them on the world bosses. your chances of killing, say, cael 3 times and finding a hide are much better than running htulors.


Funny Poor post at you can find all the regs in dungeons is laughable at best dude is a poor excuse for anything frankly


@ Tigrjr I was just giving extra advice on finding regs. Take it or leave it but don't talk shit to me about it. Got a problem with something game wise take it up with the devs. I'm just trying to help the fella out. -_-