Maze design

Started by Chas


Is Maze really performing as envisioned/designed?

At the moment it's get jumped nonstop and stunned for 5 minutes (if flee fails) unable to do anything while you counterattack everything to death. I really think you could just afk there after jumped and you would miss nothing. You have no opportunity to do anything anyway, and survival is all but guaranteed as you counterattack over time.

This really seems quite… non-interactive.

It kind of feels like Maze mobs AI was never updated for the fact that you can't have 100% MR on this server, but I mean this server isn't new anymore. The lack of 100% MR has been around for years now. Is this what it is, or is this really how it is intentionally designed at this point?

I suppose if you are a wizard and not counterattacking maybe it's less guaranteed survival, but seems likely just as non-interactive.


i'd just like to add to this. the being jumped thing. if you play more than one toon or even if you have a full group of 6 different people it's a pain to exit combat cloud. you can't all exit at once. which allows for single members to be jumped alone. a simple fix is an "auto exit combat cloud" button. it could be something like a check box in options, like "auto give" or "lag display" , etc. very easy to do. you can decide on a person to loot. and everyone else can just have their "auto exit combat cloud" button checked. everyone except for the looter would exit at the same time. this would also be very helpful for people physically. having to click the exit combat button on multiple accounts is not only annoying but could lead to carpal tunnel problems. seems an easy and obvious thing to do. i've brought it up in another thread and it got no attention.