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What would you like or not like to see added to the store and why?

Conversation starters
  • Name Changes
  • Race Changes
  • Cosmetics (dyes)


I agree with all of it. I also feel, personally that the same cosmetics that are available in the MTX store, are also available in the loot table. But at a very low chance. Kind've like other games where you can spend x amount of $$ and buy the item immediately, or you can spend weeks/months farming for the item.


If you are going to allow conversion of items to mtx currency I would do that at a lesser rate also, but at a higher rate then world drops. I agree with buying sub tokens for gold, but I feel they should be account bound so they do not effect the economy negatively by allowing a player to buy gold for real $$ in a sense. It's not showing all of my post so I had to split it.


What about vanity pets? I realize we don't have them yet, and am not even sure if they are possible, but I'm pretty sure vanity pets make up a ton of income for most online games. In addition to the models that are already in game, there could be exclusive store pets. Just one more avenue of revenue that could be explored (Edit, much better to explore :D)


I assume WizTel meant to say explored instead of exploited. -_-


The hair dyes that were removed (green, blue, etc.) would be a good addition to the MTX store as well. They went very well with the green- and blue-skinned elves.


Some ideas:

a) House move item - don't like living in Kurz? Use this to set your perm house elsewhere.

b) Alignment baubles - these could be avilable in different price points. Maybe ones that give an absolute alignment (set alignment to 255) and a cheaper version that give an alignment push in one direction (alignment +/- 50)

c) Replacement level baldrics - still level restricted, but since statless this would be a nice way for those who nuke theirs to replace. I know I'd pay a few bucks to replace a level 900 that I nuked.

d) Name change - I support this but would ask - will the community have any way to know the name has been changed? EQ1 used to keep a list on the webpage of name changes in the beginning so that the community would know in case it was a scumbag who changed names. Does this expose people too much? Just a discussion point.

e) Respec token

f) New color glowies - glowies are the most iconic thing about Realm, and although I'd never suggest putting the traditional brown glowies in this store there could be a "new color" glowie boot (blue?)

g) Coppers

h) House storage expander (DB issue?)

i) Blank hat - imprint your current hat's stats on something blank (such as the robe slot rings of MW) so that you can "hide helm". I realize this would take some work.


  1. Subscription Tokens for 8$ that can be traded to other players for gold (allows free players to buy subs, keeps real life trading away)
  2. Pets (Mini Fuloran, Mini Enid, Etc.) Maybe the ability for pets to auto-loot for you after fights.
  3. Housing upgrades. (Turn your house into a villa, a guild mansion/hangout spot, or like a god temple area) 40-50$+ is OK with me
  4. Supporter Titles and housing plaques (IE: 25$ for "Settler" plaque and title")
  5. Housing items (lava, sarcophagus, waterfalls, etc.) Would like to see Fuloran's Maul as a housing item :P
  6. Hair Dyes, Glowie Dyes, Special Baldrics, Body Paints and Tattoos
  7. Name change, race change, stat change tokens (also tradeable to other players for gold - helps free players, keeps real life trading away)
  8. A special random generated challenge dungeon token would be cool. Like Diablo 3 Rifts, heroic difficulty. Leaderboard ranking for it.
  9. Item Skins - IE: Cover a "Throwing Dagger" of your choice with this throwing hammer skin (think Thor's hammer)
  10. Guild Mansion - Buy your guild a special mansion and hangout location! All guild members also recieve "Teleport to Guild'' spell access.
  11. Experience potions (tradeable) grants 15% additional XP for 4 hours. (Stacks with all other bonuses)
  12. Backpack of Greed - You can right click this backpack to sell the contents for full shop value (provides warning box prompt before sale)


My personal preference is to also have SOME dyes and cosmetic items (maybe original glowie helms, etc) as drop table items only. So not EVERYTHING can be purchased. Guild mansions would obviously need guild support. Would be cool if guilds could level up to have NPC's and vendors at the guild mansion eventually. Maybe even a teleporter on the lawn.


Rookie has an excellent point with the challenge dungeons that could be expanded on. Selling convenience has always been great in MTX. If you could buy Heroic Keys it would give convenience, but not take away from the game since you can get them easily from most dungeons if you are capable of the heroic.


I love all the ideas so far. Keep ‘em coming people!


I hear ya Goof. People have been very supportive of glowie items via MTX on the forums post about GHelms. One of the main reasons that I felt the MTX system was a good place for them is because the funds raised will go to the Rat Labs team instead of the black market. This will serve everyone the best in the long run.


I say leave microtransactions out of the game. Don't need a pay to win or make it so that's how to get the "cool" items.. Takes away from finding it yourself


GHelms. See the following thread for the reasons and community feedback:


Touched upon MTX in that topic and had quite a discussion regarding it. Worth a read.

Good ideas are things that offer convenience, no combat bonuses and player customisation whether that be direct purchase, or gambling chests (still believe the highest value items should be gambles to maintain rarity as mentioned in the topic above but that may be just me)

Bad ideas are things that offer ways to get around grinds, increased loot drops (would feel compulsory), buying bounty chests or gear (heroic keys are fine as they're very easy to farm/buy and you still have to do the grind).

Noticed it wasn't mentioned here (i don't think?) but was mentioned on discord : I'd personally be fine with the sale of noble membership tokens - many games do this now, so people can choose to pay to play, as well as play to play. This also goes some way to counter RMT by giving gold a standardised value which people can pay which is usually less than the time required to farm said quantity of gold so there should be less RMT.


I'm sorry I'm ignorant, but what the hell is MTX?


I'm sorry I'm ignorant, but what the hell is MTX?

Micro Transaction. In game cash shop. A store where you can buy things with US Dollars.


An account bound Godmode item so a paying player could solo any area of the game, even temporarily. Like, maybe limit the amount of days they can use it, so no crazy over farming to kill the economy. Like, maybe a three day limit, enough time to do all the higher level caves and see it all.


A special scroll to summon one of any chosen monster in the game. Like even overworld bosses or Ezelberoth.

Special clothing and dyes, even mundane stuff.

More house and lawn deco stuff.


Just for clarification, when I refer to GHelms, I’m referring to glowie mundanes. If glowie dye is being considered, then there would be no need to introduce GHelms. Possible dye colors could involve fin, NB, MDF, glowie and possible new palette colors as we’ve seen with some of the new baldrics. I’m supportive of either direct item purchases or those dyes that allow players to customize their items as they wish.


Some suggestions in this thread are firmly “pay to win.” Some players of casual/social games can stomach these things and clearly they’ve made the monsters behind clicker “games” a lot of money. However, online multiplayer gamers will not accept these things. XP potions were a staple of the cash shop in Maple Story and people hated them so much that they’re one of the first things people state they don’t want in a cash shop in new games. A “god mode” item would tell players that their accomplishments don’t matter because a person with disposable real life income can clear everything anyway. Remember, this is a game, not a movie. You don’t pay for a ticket that guarantees you will see everything. You have the right to attempt it, but you have to work at it.

Look at the cash shops of Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Path of Exile, Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends, DotA 2, and on and on. You won’t find pay to win because it would cost more in lost players than it would bring in in purchases. Check out some post mortems on Trion’s North American release of ArcheAge. The game was showing a lot of potential to be a revival for fans of “virtual worlds” such as Ultima Online (as opposed to theme park games like WoW), but the massive pay to win cash shop buried the game within a few months.

Loot crates are a different discussion but are also fast losing favor because it turns out marketing slot machines to children isn’t a very good idea. Not only are some countries working to outlaw them (and not just because the odds weren’t published; that was just an easy solution with existing law), but players are starting to realize how predatory they are as well. Look at the backlash following the loot crates in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Yes, a feel-good chemical response is triggered in your brain when you open that super sweet rare. For many people it’s more a sigh of relief that they were able to get the item and finally stop throwing money down the drain at a pure game of chance. For some people, it’s not easy to stop at all. Remember too that there are only winning prizes because there are also losing prizes. Items which are more common/less desirable, even if tradable, will have little to no value on the secondary market. This leads to behavior where even non-addictive gamblers will sometimes spend their entire budget and have nothing to show for it, for no other reason than a streak of bad luck. Let people make informed purchasing decisions on cosmetic and other non-functional cash shop items, not gambles.


Multiboxing also tells players their accomplishments don't matter. It's cheating. We do have exp baubles, and people have always liked them in Realm. No one even farms them, they aren't paid much attention.

There should be perks for pay. Whether it's a god item or special gear that will give an advantage, if someone is paying real money, they should have something to show for it.


The gaming community at large disagrees with you. “Pay to win” is a very negatively viewed term. That is why successful Western multiplayer games offer only cosmetic or extreme token benefit items for real money. Collector’s Editions sometimes come with like, +1 STR level 1 earrings that provide a benefit you’ll only notice with a thousand hours of testing and statistical analysis, and which are still outdated by the time you hit level 10.


The gaming community also frowns upon rampant cheating, which is exactly what multiboxing is. Most games will ban if someone has more than one account. What I suggested with the god item wasn't technically a pay to win, it was a pay to be a tourist. If someone wants to see everything, and they want to pay to do so, that isn't really a pay to win. Especially when the drop rate is as bad as it is and the item would be very limited. You can't expect someone to pay real cash and have nothing to show for it.


Wh…what? I don’t even. Tons of games allow you to have multiple accounts. Realm’s current model is based on what World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV do where you have one account to identify you and the ability to add several game accounts under it. Pro MOBA players and streamers of other games such as Kripparian with HearthStone regularly have alt or “smurf” accounts so they can play in peace without being e-famous 24/7. Multiboxing is incredibly popular in EVE (like Realm, the action is slow enough to viably multibox) and there are accounts of players running 48+ accounts at once. I just genuinely don’t know what background you’re coming from because it’s not representative of the evolution of mainstream online gaming.


a) Multiboxing is not cheating. Please stop suggesting such a notion.

b) "Most Games" in the MMORPG space definitely do NOT ban you for having multiple accounts and/or multiboxing.

c) Paying already grants you benefits such as hot zone access and heroic access, and has already been said that paying will also be the only way to access prestige once it's in. There is already clear "rewards" for paying.

d) A "god mode" item should not be added. Not just in the context of this thread (Micro transactions) but in any form.

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