Mismatched resistances

Started by Shmaboo


In Avalon Grasslands, the text of resistances don't match the resistance values further down the "look at". For example:

Seraph Warrior – 50% sorcery resistance, 50% elementalism resistance, 50% mysticism resistance, 50% necromancy resistance, 30 - 50 melee damage.

That creature is grouped with 1 other creature. This is a level 783 NPC.
Armor Rating: 0
Melee Modifier: 800
Evil Melee Modifier: 0
Good Melee Modifier: 0
Spell Resistance:
S:70 E:70 M:70 T:50 N:50
Spell Modifiers:
S:1475 E:1475 M:1475 T:1475 N:1475

You'll find the same issue for all Seraphs, Priestesses and Wizards of Light. Clerics and Paladins don't seem to have this problem.