Myst resistance on high level toons.

Started by Nope


I have reached a absolute breaking point with my toons I have paid subscription for and worked so hard to level being slaughtered by mobs that are far below me. Losing control of my toons ROUND ONE and not being given any control until they die or are near death is not workable. I farmed and farmed for the best gear to STOP this and then found out that I had poured so many hours into this in vain. I understand it is not every battle. That is not the point. Fabricated difficulty is just poor game design. One of the cardinal sins of video game design is removing the control of the player. There has got to be a better way to do this than what is currently implemented. Nostalgia has started to wear off due to the frequent mind numbing frustration of watching my toons die because mobs all have godlike powers over them. Soon this will translate into my money and time going towards a game that does not stoop to fabricated difficulty.


Sounds like a problem unique to you because I don't find it frequent or bothersome at all - and I run ToD regularly. Perhaps your builds or item sets need work. Myst is in a good spot right now.


I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Myst from npcs changed a little. In what I mean by that is…I would like to see them lower the speed in which all npcs cast myst spells to be just a little slower than players. In other words I think players should be able to cast myst spells on npcs before they cast theirs. (Granted the player isn't like extremely weighed down on carry cap or has like super low dex or w/e lol.)