name changes

Started by kinux


this is crazy that we have so many updates and the name changes havent been implemented.
i want to go back to lowercase lettering.. so that my first letter of the name could be lowercase. it had a lot of swag.
if you want to make more money.. give us name changes that are implemented please.


They have been talking about name change for a long time now. Still hasn't been implemented and tbh not sure if it ever will be at this point lol. Either they gave up on it, or just don't feel it important enough to pursue over other changes to the game. They may of just cancelled it all together, not really sure. But at this point and considering how long its been since they started talking about it, I wouldn't get your hopes up to see it anytime soon or at all lol.


they arent gonna happen dont hold your breath on name changes or character transfers even though Sam promised them years ago.