Necro needs balance

Started by Nora


Ever since the old hay-days when Deathwish did your HP in damage, Necro has been sort of the red-headed step-child of the magic schools. Back in that time, Necro was the defacto King of everything - entire builds were created just to use Deathwish. Understandably, the old Norseman games (or Sierra, I forget) decided to act. Death magic protection and Necro resistance was implemented. However, in my opinion, they really overreacted.

Necromancy has two main problems:

  1. There is very little reason to gear for it.
  2. There is very little reason to prestige for it.

The causes for the above are:

  1. Necro resistance is RAMPANT among NPCs. It. Is. Everywhere. And in quite high %s. The other spell circles do not suffer anywhere close to the same prevalence. Even if you spec for high Necro SDM, you'll nearly always do more damage with other schools because of this. This is why Poison barrage is so subpar, it just can't compete with the rampant necro resistance.
  2. Necro has a lot of strange spells that are not directly buffed by SDM. The problem with this is EVERYONE can use them to their full potential, so why spec into Necro? DV is the biggest issue for this point.
  3. Death magic protection and "If good - 50% damage" modifier on DW, DT, etc is just added insult to the above issues.
  4. Alignment, although not directly related to this issue, is tangential to it. Realm has an alignment problem. Firstly, there are very few good-aligned NPCs to kill, whatever no biggie. But the few that are good-aligned are SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful than evil counterparts. Whether it be right off-the-bat with pixies & faeries through to Seraphs and even to high-end within Holy Caves - good NPCs have a huge arsenal of spells, damage buffs and resistances to make them significantly more difficult than evil NPCs. It should be stressed how bizarrely resistances are spread out among good and evil NPCs. Evil NPCs tend to be resistant to necro and myst and vulnerable to thaum - great perfect sounds 100% legit. Good NPCs are resistant to thaum, necro and myst (so usually elem is best vs them) - why is it split like this? Necro should ROLL good aligned NPCs.

Necro needed fixing, but the fix that the old company implemented was WAY overkill. They overreacted, but it can be fixed.

Thanks for listening, thoughts welcome!
Jezebelle, Duach disciple >:)


Hear, hear!

Death Wish is really good on a high endurance toon, until prestige, then it just doesn't outperform your hits.

Mass Drain is rarely, almost never, better than Elem Nukes or WoG.

DV was nerfed too hard, and made thematically awkward. You can nuke things in CoD for more than you can nuke scrub mobs in The Dig or HC.

Poison Barrage can be good, but again, rarely better than Elem or WoG.

Maybe Dark Bargain is good?

Always hoping for new ways to build a caster rather than just AIEW. Made some comments awhile back which included a few necro spells. Not sure it's the proper solution but maybe an idea.

^^ Not trying to hijack, just some ideas maybe! I agree with OP! Buff Necro!

Gimli (Staff)

I agree necro needs some love. Both in terms of adjusting strange resists on existing mobs and also improving the performance of those spells in general.