Noble Citizen Benefits Need Improvements 2019

Started by DragonTrueHeart


Noble Citizen Benefits are not attractive to new players.

Membership benefits should attract new players, please current players, and be hard to resist buying if the player enjoys the game even a little. The Noble Citizen benefits are for players that would be in it for the long term and endgame content.

As a casual and new player:

I cannot see myself making it to level 1000 to benefit from the prestige system.

The Hot Zone exp bonus is nice but as a new player, it is not effortless to figure out where the hot zones are. From my understanding, there is a list that shows what days hot zones are active.

The Hot Zone 1.5x exp boost is nice, but it isn't so high it makes it irresistible to have. It helps! But if that is the only thing I was to benefit from then it is not enough to push me to buy a membership.

As a new(Lower Level) player, I cannot see myself going to Heroic Dungeons. It is unclear if reward drops increase even significate enough to even notice. They likely are too difficult for a lower level player or new player.

Recommended Improvements:

Not going to offer any because I do not know where the game developers want to take this game nor do I know the community. Anything I would recommend would be biased to what I might want and likely overly generous with what benefits I would like.

Just sharing that the benefits currently are weak for new or casual players.


I'm of a slightly different opinion, I feel that the free accounts give too much away. I am all for a level cap on free accounts combined with gear restrictions. The free account currently is the entire old game system with a bunch of the new RL improvements tossed in. I'm curious as to what % of the average player base is free vs. who is Noble. When I log in on a weekend and see 250+ accounts on, I wonder what that breakdown would look like.


Why have different Hot Zones on different days? All Hot Zones should be active for Noble Citizens every day. The argument against this is that Hot Zones get players to venture to different areas. This is true. However, if you want to get the best gear, you have to venture to different dungeons anyway- unless you want dozens of the same types of items.


Thought I would give Noble benefits a try. For some reason, I thought maybe I could access Avalon, but not likely I could do any of it anyway. I tried a hot zone and exp was so so. Everything else does not give a benefit. Takes a while to get to level 1000. Great to support the game, but come on! Give lower level new players some more perks if they go Noble!


Some of the other Perks are Using Prestige Spells like Summon Ele, Poison Barrage, and mass heal, as well as skills like Bleed, Stun, and Armor Ignore.

Also access to Avalon is only after 1k and prestiged. And as they add more dungeons to the prestige area the desire to be noble will increase.

What the game really needs now is New Dungeons and Content, people are getting restless with what theyve been running for months now.

Wolf (Staff)

I can assure you that new content such as Hunting Areas & Dungeons are in the works :)

DragonTrueHeart, Avalon includes hunting areas for all levels.


Wolf, I teleported to Avalon and it says, "You are not the correct prestige level for this room." I did not level to 1000 and prestige. Is there some other access for lower levels if there is indeed hunting areas for all levels in Avalon. If you need to get to level 1000 and prestige, it still proves the point that the noble benefits are not for new players.


At the start, I was a big fan of the idea of hotzones (because it forces players to try new areas). However, with how the game has progressed and how the players have come and gone, it feels that hot zones are restrictive to the playstyle of players who simply like to farm only one cave (due to various reasons, be it familiarity, be it best exp for them at the early levels, be it a type of loot). I also add my voice for making the entire game for noble citizens extra exp without the need for hot zones. In short, I agree with you, a boost to noble benefits would be a plus to make non-noble try to upgrade.