Noble Citizen should be relooked at.

Started by Rislem


I have been giving this some thought and I truly hope the devs at least look what I have to see as I strongly feel this is quite a general feeling throughout the community.

Right now, Subbing offers virtually no reason to do so, I understand all it gives like prestige, avalon and heroic dungeon but frankly doesn't justify something paying 30USD a month.
So first thing you might say its not 30USD its 4.99 USD, the reality is, it isnt, you cant play this game without 4-6 toons. There isnt enough people playing as well with how loot work who in there right mind would want someone in there group anyway? The drop rates of 900 weapons are so low I cant possibly imagine anyone wanting to take random people with you risking the item drops and you lose it.

Another reality is this game seems to be heavily funded and played from the same group of constant people coming back. So why not consider our needs?

I dont see myself subbing again after this month as I heard if you hit 3k you dont need to sub anymore as only think you get is heroic dungeons so why not run HC/Tunnel/CoD and sell of the stuff and just buy whatever you need? its exactly what most people are doing anyway.

Noble citizen should have deeper and more meaning for people to sub to it as it will make us feel like its worth it as well as bring more income for the game development as a whole.

So, My suggestions are as below.
1) allow noble citizen to get double silver as well as double exp, again older more veteran people play this we got levelign down to a art, sure you give us hotzones but we get max level so fast its just not worth it.
2) Give us a currency to buy bind on pickup stuff or trade in for something worth while
3) Allow sub to have a bigger drop rate in dungeons.
4) Give our chats a different color
5) Consider running a survey and hear peoples ideas?

The above is merely suggestions, you need to ask yourself for 30USD I could sub to WoW + SWTOR + Elder scrolls and what do they give back for 30USD? Give us something and you will see people sub a lot more. Consider also making subs web account wide instead of character wide, so ask us 12.99 USD but it includes all 6 toons, or up to 6 toons. if subbing for all 6 toons was 12.99 I would keep subbing even with the little benefit it provides.

I Really hope my suggestion or feedback is at lease given some consideration.



I have to disagree with one thing you mention. You can play this game with one character and play it just as well as with more than one. I myself have played with just one AIEW forever and I can run any dungeon(exclude ToD, just isn't worth the trouble as I've solo'd it once and refuse to do so again lol.) Other than that I can run all heroics, DP, HC, CoD or whatever else in a decent amount of time. Sure more characters will ultimately speed things up, but considering I've played this game for as long as I have, I don't see any reason to need to run a dungeon in 5 minutes lol.

Just wanted to point out that you don't HAVE to play with more than one character is all. I honestly enjoy just solo play. I tried 6 toons, was way more hassle than I care to admit.


Agreed. Also POOR how did you solo ToD when you need multiple characters to solve some of the puzzles?


Agreed. Also POOR how did you solo ToD when you need multiple characters to solve some of the puzzles?

I had some alts in group waiting to be gathered to me to do any puzzles like those. They however didn't help with actual fighting.